I was fortunate to do my teacher training in Costa Rica in the amazing Punta Mona eco-resort with the Shamanic school of yoga.


There, in the rain forests of Central America we worked with the power and beauty of Nature to help us journey into teachers. Nature is not only a healer but a great teacher. In the Shamanic school of yoga it is said that we all have a shadow. But we can all learn from our shadow and like the serpent that sheds it's skin we can all transform and better ourselves. In whatever we do, in life, in our dreams we all yearn to reach new heights - to fly to soar like the eagle.

By moving the body into yoga postures you are inducing beneficial shifts in your body.


By spending quiet time in meditation, savasana (relaxation pose) or other gentle poses you are calming the mind.


Ask yourself what changes can you make to your life - whether big or small...?


Yoga can help you make those changes.


. . .


Yoga might just be the start or the metaphor for change.


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