I have always believed in devoting some time to charity and yoga recognizes that the service of others is valuable.


That is essentially the essence of Karmic yoga.

On 1 March I participated in the Landaid sleep out - a charity dedicated to youth homelessness.

It was  bitterly cold (I think the coldest March night ever recorded) but I managed to raise over £2,400 for the charity.

A BIG thank you to all my sponsors.

This year I have  started working with Debate Mate - a  fantastic charity that empowers young people by engaging them in debating.


I have taken part in charity debates and hosted debates at my office for them.

Over the years I have worked with various Homeless charities and raised money through endurance sport challenges and event fundraising, as well as arranging cold weather clothes collections and engaging in actual  volunteer and mentoring work.


Recently I have worked with youth initiatives such as the Access Project and Getting Ahead going into inner city schools and also giving regular coaching with school work.


Last year with the help of some fellow yogis I raised £5,000 for Kids Company on the first world yoga day after we completed 108 sun salutations.


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Thanks Steve

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